Brochure with results of IEC-2015 is available…

booklet 2015

English version of the conference brochure is available since November 2015. KERI IEC-2015 proceedings in Russian were initially published in September 2015.

There are two options available:

  • the conclusions and recommendations -16 pages,
  • a complete brochure including conclusions, recommendations, speakers’ bio and presentation texts – 78 pages.

The short version in English is available as paper and electronic copies. The extended version is available electronically only. All Russian versions exist in both formats.

More information about contents and obtaining of the copies is under the link.

The brochure preparation and publication has been enabled by British Embassy in Kyiv. It financed the project on creation and propagation of conference’s results. A delivery of the brochures via direct mail to conference visitors, partners and potential KERI partners was supported by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, mission in Kyiv. The supporting parties had no impact on the content of KERI’s brochures.

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