Main tasks and objectives

The main aims and objectives of Kyiv Energy Research Institute

  • Conducting complex analytical studies in the field of energy, assessments of the impact of energy on the economic, environmental and social processes in the country;
  • Providing expert, advisory and research services for decision makers on reforming the energy sector, improving its efficiency, sustainability, environmental safety and reducing the energy intensity of the national economy;
  • Promoting establishment of competition-based profit-making energy market in Ukraine with the consumers having a free choice of suppliers of energy products and services, with balanced economic and legal feasibility and social justice, service model of government, and strengthened civil society;
  • Development of recommendations to public authorities, NGOs, businesses, international organizations for priority areas and content of the necessary energy sector reforms  and their implementation pathways;
  • Organizing and conducting educational activities, analysis and clarification of existing development issues and the necessary energy market reforms, finding the ways to resolving the challenges, working to improve public awareness;
  • Establishing networking contacts and links, sharing the experience and launching cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign NGOs, professional associations and organizations in the research of economic and energy policy development.