Conditions and benefits

Membership in Kiev Institute for Energy Studies: Termsand benefits.

Kyiv Energy Research Institute (KERI) is anon-profit civil society organisation establishedin October2013. Itis currentlyliving through itsorganizationaldevelopment.Membershipat the Instituteis voluntary.Members ofthe Institutemaybe individualswho have reachedthe age of 18, and on an equal footingcan be as citizensof Ukraine andforeigners with legal status inUkraine.

The KERI’s special feature as of an organization is its strong commitment  to professionalism, objectivity, impartiality and independence. KERI is open for cooperation with all natural or legal persons who share the values ​​and purpose of the Institute, recognize and comply with the requirements of its Charter and seek active and purposeful activity in the energy sector, aimed at developing a modern energy policy, effective multilateral dialogue with experts, government, business and society, reform and improved governance in the energy sector, enhancing energy security of Ukraine, establishing fruitful international cooperation. KERI has an ambition to become a standard of high-quality, competence, objectivity and reliability for both external partners and its own members.

KERI is inviting and welcomes membership of active professionals in the energy sector in Ukraine. To join KERI’s  strong and dedicated team a personal application should be submitted in hard signed copy or by completion of an online application form.  The KERI Membership may be combined with membership in other civic associations or organizations. Members of the Institute will have a advantage to use the full scope of information, reference and advisory materials that will be made available online, will have preferential terms of participation in projects and activities of the Institute and use of other services.

For more information about membership and activities of the Institute, please contact the Executive Management by phone +38097 984 6652 or